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  • Done by Gilad Buzi back in 2005


  • relaunch: major changes in database structure and interface which is now jquey based


  • new page: manage orders for revising individual quantities
  • de-/activate dates for orders redone; has now table format and clickable cells
  • logic of turnos has own page which shortcuts for most common tasks
  • incidents have now distribution level and can be posted on portal entry
  • member management completely redone
  • orders have now closing dates
  • orders can be send directly to provider if platform has internet connection
  • added personal overview of ordered items and past purchases for each household
  • bill template; printable
  • order item and shop item linked for better control
  • vat / iva groups to easy modify tax for product groups


  • direct PDF printing of incidents and bills
  • emailing of incidents
  • new page: purchase total ordered by provider
  • unlocking orderable products/dates with ordered items is now possible
  • de-/activating products for dates can be automatically repeated for all remaining dates
  • warning message when cart has been validated without money desposit.
  • overview of upcoming orders added to Home


  • creating preorders
  • deactivating orderable products failed when other product for the same date had ordered items
  • sum of revised orders is now updated when editing uf quantities
  • mentor household did not show when creating new HU


Released 2 April 2013

  • provider new/edit form rewrite for better required form-fields checking
  • product new/edit rewrite for better required form-fields checking
  • new field in aixada_product: min order (requires to run dbUpgradeAixada2.6To2.7.sql
  • config.sample.php added; copy this file and rename it to config.php to configure your local install
  • provider/product listing sortable
  • export architecture; works for providers, products, members to csv, xml, google drive.
  • import architecture; works for providers and products (formats: csv, ods, xls, xlsx, xml)
  • change of licence to GPL


  • delete members now possible for unassigned members
  • member validation issues
  • delete order cart completely bug
  • iva and revolutionary tax price calculation fix
  • table manager checks fields against database before updating
  • correct warning message when creating new cart on validated
  • #41 illegal collation fix
  • #36 install language issue (thanks marc0s!) fix
  • #37 filter session variables for table manager fix
  • ...and otherss

v2.8 (see master instead of a version)

This document is out of date for version >= 2.8, see ""

New Features


  • report_stock page displays total value of stock products and stock adds/corrections
  • provider/product page now is searchable for products
  • rudimentary export order to csv
  • order_to_shop revisions won't be deleted anymore from aixada_order_to_shop. Needed to keep track of total of revised order and validated income
  • currency symbol is not in config.php and currency description in lang files.
  • deactivate current_stock = 0 is set in config.php; prevents buying items.


  • product edit form, calculation and display of brutto price fixed
  • provider - responsible HU fix
  • #51 pwd create/logon now works with proper salt and is backward compatible
  • #52 entire product row deactivation
  • #78, #79