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# get Makefile directory name:
THIS_DIR:=$(shell cd $(dir $(THIS_MAKEFILE_PATH));pwd)
# BIN directory
BIN := $(THIS_DIR)/node_modules/.bin
# Path
PATH := node_modules/.bin:$(PATH)
SHELL := /bin/bash
# applications
NODE ?= $(shell which node)
YARN ?= $(shell which yarn)
PKG ?= $(if $(YARN),$(YARN),$(NODE) $(shell which npm))
BROWSERIFY ?= $(NODE) $(BIN)/browserify
install: node_modules
node_modules: package.json
@NODE_ENV= $(PKG) install
@touch node_modules
lint: .FORCE
eslint browser.js debug.js index.js node.js
test-node: .FORCE
istanbul cover node_modules/mocha/bin/_mocha -- test/**.js
test-browser: .FORCE
mkdir -p dist
--standalone debug \
. > dist/debug.js
karma start --single-run
rimraf dist
test: .FORCE
concurrently \
"make test-node" \
"make test-browser"
cat ./coverage/ | ./node_modules/coveralls/bin/coveralls.js
.PHONY: all install clean distclean