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## getpass
Get a password from the terminal. Sounds simple? Sounds like the `readline`
module should be able to do it? NOPE.
## Install and use it
npm install --save getpass
const mod_getpass = require('getpass');
## API
### `mod_getpass.getPass([options, ]callback)`
Gets a password from the terminal. If available, this uses `/dev/tty` to avoid
interfering with any data being piped in or out of stdio.
This function prints a prompt (by default `Password:`) and then accepts input
without echoing.
* `options`, an Object, with properties:
* `prompt`, an optional String
* `callback`, a `Func(error, password)`, with arguments:
* `error`, either `null` (no error) or an `Error` instance
* `password`, a String