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pupa Build Status

Simple micro templating

Useful when all you need is to fill in some placeholders.


$ npm install pupa


const pupa = require('pupa');

pupa('The mobile number of {name} is {}', {
	name: 'Sindre',
	phone: {
		mobile: '609 24 363'
//=> 'The mobile number of Sindre is 609 24 363'

pupa('I like {0} and {1}', ['🦄', '🐮']);
//=> 'I like 🦄 and 🐮'

// Double braces encodes the HTML entities to avoid code injection
pupa('I like {{0}} and {{1}}', ['<br>🦄</br>', '<i>🐮</i>']);
//=> 'I like &lt;br&gt;🦄&lt;/br&gt; and &lt;i&gt;🐮&lt;/i&gt;'


pupa(template, data)


Type: string

Text with placeholders for data properties.


Type: object | unknown[]

Data to interpolate into template.


What about template literals?

Template literals expand on creation. This module expands the template on execution, which can be useful if either or both template and data are lazily created or user-supplied.