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import { Namespace } from "./namespace";
import type { Server } from "./index";
import type { EventParams, EventNames, EventsMap, DefaultEventsMap } from "./typed-events";
export declare class ParentNamespace<ListenEvents extends EventsMap = DefaultEventsMap, EmitEvents extends EventsMap = ListenEvents, ServerSideEvents extends EventsMap = DefaultEventsMap> extends Namespace<ListenEvents, EmitEvents, ServerSideEvents> {
private static count;
private children;
constructor(server: Server<ListenEvents, EmitEvents, ServerSideEvents>);
* @private
_initAdapter(): void;
emit<Ev extends EventNames<EmitEvents>>(ev: Ev, ...args: EventParams<EmitEvents, Ev>): boolean;
createChild(name: string): Namespace<ListenEvents, EmitEvents, ServerSideEvents>;