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/// <reference types="node" />
/// <reference lib="es2016" />
/// <reference lib="es2017.sharedmemory" />
/// <reference lib="esnext.asynciterable" />
/// <reference lib="dom" />
declare type TypedArray = Int8Array | Uint8Array | Uint8ClampedArray | Int16Array | Uint16Array | Int32Array | Uint32Array | Float32Array | Float64Array;
declare type Primitive = null | undefined | string | number | boolean | Symbol;
export interface ArrayLike {
length: number;
export interface Class<T = unknown> {
new (...args: any[]): T;
declare type DomElement = object & {
nodeType: 1;
nodeName: string;
declare type NodeStream = object & {
pipe: Function;
export declare const enum TypeName {
null = "null",
boolean = "boolean",
undefined = "undefined",
string = "string",
number = "number",
symbol = "symbol",
Function = "Function",
GeneratorFunction = "GeneratorFunction",
AsyncFunction = "AsyncFunction",
Observable = "Observable",
Array = "Array",
Buffer = "Buffer",
Object = "Object",
RegExp = "RegExp",
Date = "Date",
Error = "Error",
Map = "Map",
Set = "Set",
WeakMap = "WeakMap",
WeakSet = "WeakSet",
Int8Array = "Int8Array",
Uint8Array = "Uint8Array",
Uint8ClampedArray = "Uint8ClampedArray",
Int16Array = "Int16Array",
Uint16Array = "Uint16Array",
Int32Array = "Int32Array",
Uint32Array = "Uint32Array",
Float32Array = "Float32Array",
Float64Array = "Float64Array",
ArrayBuffer = "ArrayBuffer",
SharedArrayBuffer = "SharedArrayBuffer",
DataView = "DataView",
Promise = "Promise",
declare function is(value: unknown): TypeName;
declare namespace is {
const undefined: (value: unknown) => value is undefined;
const string: (value: unknown) => value is string;
const number: (value: unknown) => value is number;
const function_: (value: unknown) => value is Function;
const null_: (value: unknown) => value is null;
const class_: (value: unknown) => value is Class<unknown>;
const boolean: (value: unknown) => value is boolean;
const symbol: (value: unknown) => value is Symbol;
const numericString: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const array: (arg: any) => arg is any[];
const buffer: (input: unknown) => input is Buffer;
const nullOrUndefined: (value: unknown) => value is null | undefined;
const object: (value: unknown) => value is object;
const iterable: (value: unknown) => value is IterableIterator<unknown>;
const asyncIterable: (value: unknown) => value is AsyncIterableIterator<unknown>;
const generator: (value: unknown) => value is Generator;
const nativePromise: (value: unknown) => value is Promise<unknown>;
const promise: (value: unknown) => value is Promise<unknown>;
const generatorFunction: (value: unknown) => value is GeneratorFunction;
const asyncFunction: (value: unknown) => value is Function;
const boundFunction: (value: unknown) => value is Function;
const regExp: (value: unknown) => value is RegExp;
const date: (value: unknown) => value is Date;
const error: (value: unknown) => value is Error;
const map: (value: unknown) => value is Map<unknown, unknown>;
const set: (value: unknown) => value is Set<unknown>;
const weakMap: (value: unknown) => value is WeakMap<object, unknown>;
const weakSet: (value: unknown) => value is WeakSet<object>;
const int8Array: (value: unknown) => value is Int8Array;
const uint8Array: (value: unknown) => value is Uint8Array;
const uint8ClampedArray: (value: unknown) => value is Uint8ClampedArray;
const int16Array: (value: unknown) => value is Int16Array;
const uint16Array: (value: unknown) => value is Uint16Array;
const int32Array: (value: unknown) => value is Int32Array;
const uint32Array: (value: unknown) => value is Uint32Array;
const float32Array: (value: unknown) => value is Float32Array;
const float64Array: (value: unknown) => value is Float64Array;
const arrayBuffer: (value: unknown) => value is ArrayBuffer;
const sharedArrayBuffer: (value: unknown) => value is SharedArrayBuffer;
const dataView: (value: unknown) => value is DataView;
const directInstanceOf: <T>(instance: unknown, klass: Class<T>) => instance is T;
const urlInstance: (value: unknown) => value is URL;
const urlString: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const truthy: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const falsy: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nan: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const primitive: (value: unknown) => value is Primitive;
const integer: (value: unknown) => value is number;
const safeInteger: (value: unknown) => value is number;
const plainObject: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const typedArray: (value: unknown) => value is TypedArray;
const arrayLike: (value: unknown) => value is ArrayLike;
const inRange: (value: number, range: number | number[]) => boolean;
const domElement: (value: unknown) => value is DomElement;
const observable: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nodeStream: (value: unknown) => value is NodeStream;
const infinite: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const even: (value: number) => boolean;
const odd: (value: number) => boolean;
const emptyArray: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nonEmptyArray: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const emptyString: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nonEmptyString: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const emptyStringOrWhitespace: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const emptyObject: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nonEmptyObject: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const emptySet: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nonEmptySet: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const emptyMap: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const nonEmptyMap: (value: unknown) => boolean;
const any: (predicate: unknown, ...values: unknown[]) => boolean;
const all: (predicate: unknown, ...values: unknown[]) => boolean;
export default is;