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Emitter Build Status

Event emitter component.


$ component install component/emitter



The Emitter may also be used as a mixin. For example a "plain" object may become an emitter, or you may extend an existing prototype.

As an Emitter instance:

var Emitter = require('emitter');
var emitter = new Emitter;

As a mixin:

var Emitter = require('emitter');
var user = { name: 'tobi' };

user.emit('im a user');

As a prototype mixin:

var Emitter = require('emitter');

Emitter#on(event, fn)

Register an event handler fn.

Emitter#once(event, fn)

Register a single-shot event handler fn, removed immediately after it is invoked the first time.

Emitter#off(event, fn)

  • Pass event and fn to remove a listener.
  • Pass event to remove all listeners on that event.
  • Pass nothing to remove all listeners on all events.

Emitter#emit(event, ...)

Emit an event with variable option args.


Return an array of callbacks, or an empty array.


Check if this emitter has event handlers.