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import-lazy Build Status

Import modules lazily


$ npm install --save import-lazy


// Pass in `require` or a custom import function
const importLazy = require('import-lazy')(require);
const _ = importLazy('lodash');

// Where you would normally do

// You now instead call it as a function

// It's cached on consecutive calls

// Extract lazy variations of the props you need
const members = importLazy('lodash')('isNumber', 'isString');

// Useful when using destructuring assignment in ES2015
const {isNumber, isString} = importLazy('lodash')('isNumber', 'isString');

// Works out of the box for functions and regular properties
const stuff = importLazy('./math-lib')('sum', 'PHI');
console.log(stuff.sum(1, 2)); // => 3
console.log(stuff.PHI); // => 1.618033

Proxy support in Node.js 6 or later

If you use Node.js 6 or later, you can take advantage of ES2015 proxies and don't need to call it as a function.

const importLazy = require('import-lazy').proxy(require);
const _ = importLazy('lodash');

// No need to call it as a function but still lazily imported
  • resolve-from - Resolve the path of a module from a given path
  • import-from - Import a module from a given path
  • resolve-pkg - Resolve the path of a package regardless of it having an entry point
  • lazy-value - Create a lazily evaluated value
  • define-lazy-prop - Define a lazily evaluated property on an object


MIT © Sindre Sorhus