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Check if a path is inside another path


$ npm install is-path-inside


const isPathInside = require('is-path-inside');

isPathInside('a/b/c', 'a/b');
//=> true

isPathInside('a/b/c', 'x/y');
//=> false

isPathInside('a/b/c', 'a/b/c');
//=> false

isPathInside('/Users/sindresorhus/dev/unicorn', '/Users/sindresorhus');
//=> true


isPathInside(childPath, parentPath)

Note that relative paths are resolved against process.cwd() to make them absolute.

Important: This package is meant for use with path manipulation. It does not check if the paths exist nor does it resolve symlinks. You should not use this as a security mechanism to guard against access to certain places on the file system.


Type: string

The path that should be inside parentPath.


Type: string

The path that should contain childPath.

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