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Get a list of the files to add from a folder into an npm package

These can be handed to tar like so to make an npm package tarball:

const packlist = require('npm-packlist')
const tar = require('tar')
const packageDir = '/path/to/package'
const packageTarball = '/path/to/package.tgz'

packlist({ path: packageDir })
  .then(files => tar.create({
    prefix: 'package/',
    cwd: packageDir,
    file: packageTarball,
    gzip: true
  }, files))
  .then(_ => {
    // tarball has been created, continue with your day

This uses the following rules:

  1. If a package.json file is found, and it has a files list, then ignore everything that isn't in files. Always include the readme, license, notice, changes, changelog, and history files, if they exist, and the package.json file itself.

  2. If there's no package.json file (or it has no files list), and there is a .npmignore file, then ignore all the files in the .npmignore file.

  3. If there's no package.json with a files list, and there's no .npmignore file, but there is a .gitignore file, then ignore all the files in the .gitignore file.

  4. Everything in the root node_modules is ignored, unless it's a bundled dependency. If it IS a bundled dependency, and it's a symbolic link, then the target of the link is included, not the symlink itself.

  5. Unless they're explicitly included (by being in a files list, or a !negated rule in a relevant .npmignore or .gitignore), always ignore certain common cruft files:

    1. .npmignore and .gitignore files (their effect is in the package already, there's no need to include them in the package)
    2. editor junk like .*.swp, ._* and .*.orig files
    3. .npmrc files (these may contain private configs)
    4. The node_modules/.bin folder
    5. Waf and gyp cruft like /build/config.gypi and .lock-wscript
    6. Darwin's .DS_Store files because wtf are those even
    7. npm-debug.log files at the root of a project

    You can explicitly re-include any of these with a files list in package.json or a negated ignore file rule.


Same API as ignore-walk, just hard-coded file list and rule sets.

The Walker and WalkerSync classes take a bundled argument, which is a list of package names to include from node_modules. When calling the top-level packlist() and packlist.sync() functions, this module calls into npm-bundled directly.