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  • Added installation instructions.


  • Fix bugs where log.progressEnabled got out of sync with how gauge kept track of these things resulting in a progressbar that couldn't be disabled.


  • Allow creating log levels that are an empty string or 0.


  • Update to gauge@1.6.0 adding support for default values for template items.


  • Update to gauge@1.5.3 to fix to 1.x compatibility when it comes to when a progress bar is enabled. In 1.x if you didn't have a TTY the progress bar was never shown. In 2.x it merely defaults to disabled, but you can enable it explicitly if you still want progress updates.


  • Update to gauge@2.5.2:
    • Updates the signal-exit dependency which fixes an incompatibility with the node profiler.
    • Uses externalizes its ansi code generation in console-control-strings
  • Make the default progress bar include the last line printed, colored as it would be when printing to a tty.


  • Switch to gauge@2.0.0, for better performance, better look.
  • Set stderr/stdout blocking if they're tty's, so that we can hide a progress bar going to stderr and then safely print to stdout. Without this the two can end up overlapping producing confusing and sometimes corrupted output.


  • Make the error event non-fatal so that folks can use it as a prefix.


  • Add progress bar with gauge@1.1.0