33 Commits (master)

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meskio 10196fa2ab
Run a test script if exist in the repo 2 months ago
meskio bf9c3fc2fe
Build images for main branch and tags 8 months ago
meskio 23a84eb221
Improve commit verification 8 months ago
meskio 2d9912b32e
Add prometheus metrics 10 months ago
meskio 2f73b5c6c3
Add jorge's key 1 year ago
meskio c647f768a1
Use the gitea signature header for webhooks 1 year ago
meskio 1d20162636
Cron garbage-collect registry 1 year ago
meskio a6a9f2c1fc
Update keys.asc file 1 year ago
meskio 59dfd0027a
Pin bullseye as base image 1 year ago
meskio 31f939a357
Update expired keys 1 year ago
meskio 829ac0f2ea
Use mmdebstrap instead of debootstrap 2 years ago
meskio 1f7d8d60ed
Install laminar from debian 2 years ago
meskio 050d7176cc
Check versions of upstream software 2 years ago
meskio 99d117e147
Use debootstrap for base images 2 years ago
meskio ab021d1d78
Do a proper image clean up in docker 2 years ago
meskio 302584c186
Update keys 2 years ago
meskio 05af958685
Add collaborator keys and vaulted secret 3 years ago
meskio 721734b585
Keep the repos of the images 3 years ago
meskio b987cfc79f
Check for updates does check for the specific return code from apt-get 3 years ago
meskio 9a69a0a8ad
Run the cron jobs only once per night 3 years ago
meskio 9c28d49c02
Check properly for the base image 3 years ago
meskio 4e6258c1e1
Add a diagram of the architecture 3 years ago
meskio e59a596d44
Remove doc about registry_auth, is outdated 3 years ago
meskio e6c4d76eb2
Do a nightly check for updates on all images 3 years ago
meskio 33dd808dc8
Update images based on the one just built 3 years ago
meskio f46350ad32
Use sudo+debuerreotype to generate base images 3 years ago
meskio f944ee0414
Use the right params to check if there are updates in debian 3 years ago
meskio a20ee0a73a
Build base image 3 years ago
meskio bbb64119b4
Use nginx to let only pulls from the local registry 3 years ago
meskio c87b0ccf4e
Document how to generate keys.asc 3 years ago
meskio e50c9676c1
Add authentication for the docker registry 3 years ago
meskio 589cc1508f
Make it work 3 years ago
meskio 00fe9e1809
Set up a simple laminar CI server 3 years ago