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meskio 9e9359114f
Use an admin connection to get the user data 3 years ago
txopi 24f3b7d5e7 Pequeña mejora de redacción. 3 years ago
meskio 50db31cf91
Edit locked status on user page 3 years ago
meskio 1584bb4a7e
Add blocked notice to let users reactivate the account 3 years ago
meskio 6ac3bb8619
Remove sindominante status to blcked accounts 3 years ago
meskio d1f8e4fcc9
Delete ask sindominante functionallity 3 years ago
meskio b25891d517
Block unused accounts 3 years ago
Kali Kaneko 6eaa22ad5e [feat] dynatable para lista de users 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 0704997abf delete unused styles 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 83ae8e3ccc package updates 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 8bd632a5f9 disable send for weak pass 4 years ago
jorge 1dfeead4c7 cambia bien los colores del progress bar 4 years ago
meskio 8057fce74e
Link grandes planes in the front page 4 years ago
meskio a6bc5992e0
List your own invites 4 years ago
meskio 3f7cdcf15d
Add db registry of newly created accounts and who invited them 4 years ago
meskio 8dc919ad0e
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/merge-requests/8' 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 91e7cf5a9a tips sobre password fuertes 4 years ago
jorge b21c840e54
added background image and scss support 4 years ago
jorge ea3eeb553c
añadido el soporte para imagenes y svg 4 years ago
jorge c3ad3a0a84
added support to scss botstrap webpack 4 years ago
meskio 4450483a3c
Do a manual search in the users list 4 years ago
meskio de6b93211c
Add support to send emails 4 years ago
jorge 1f47124d04 modificaciones de tipografía y errores de escritura. 4 years ago
meskio d1e5e20ab9
Move the password match check into the common load js file 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko adb86b12f8 use expose-loader to make jQuery available 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko e6ec37adf5 fix typo 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 1f689d0847 reservamos ciertos nombres de usuaria 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 87b41f58f5 validacion en el primer login tambien 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko d28eaef341 fix data file for fixtures 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko ec0107c935 zxcvbn para medir fortaleza de la pass 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 350d105fc5 cambiarla es obligatorio 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko 0f6d0732b9 simplificando el readme 4 years ago
Kali Kaneko f3886e5161 update go-ldap to version 3 4 years ago
meskio 36da1286d6
Fix some spellings 4 years ago
meskio 5f73dbb9b2
Show the role in users list 4 years ago
meskio 9d85f8d0b8
Admins can change the role 4 years ago
meskio 4f137cfd17
Update bootstrap 4 years ago
meskio 971482da17
Add amiga invites 4 years ago
meskio 19c93d6648
Use boltdb to store lowry status 4 years ago
meskio 710c213a4d
Force change password if needed 4 years ago
meskio 6e1fafaf97
Ask from a list if they want to be sindinante 4 years ago
meskio 56866c5c85
Add IsUserPassUptodate to see if the password has the right crypto 4 years ago
meskio ce616bf5c5
add support for role and locked 4 years ago
meskio 0484293d63
Define sindominio schema 4 years ago
meskio 54c3bce855
Remove the migration warning 4 years ago
meskio 1abb3c1905
Add last login info to the user record 5 years ago
meskio 8ba4cc65d2
Add a limitation no the highest ID 5 years ago
meskio 1e0d028433
Get groups by gid 5 years ago
meskio bbe5e9721f
Build up the ldap DC correctly from the domain 5 years ago
meskio 720535123f
Add and remove users from groups 5 years ago