151 Commits (c1f77c542243ab59b1cd0d0a615327a3d3e5700f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
pebles c1f77c5422
Fix user search on gitea api. 7 months ago
pebles 3f939af80c
Fix error management on user creation. 7 months ago
meskio 43fafbcf6b
Give a meaningful error on user adds to collective 7 months ago
meskio 25a58573b8
Send the deletion to the right url 7 months ago
bita 0a1996d220 changes 7 months ago
bita 0bdeb31c66 change 7 months ago
bita 2a52381dc0 correction 7 months ago
bita 9210dcfc84 correction 7 months ago
bita 5096ae4475 correction 7 months ago
bita dd35c6bdd6 correction 7 months ago
meskio 0f6961df27
Usability improvements for the collective view 7 months ago
meskio 5075e21972
Don't fail if there is no error to add user to group 8 months ago
meskio e72c081ede
Fix the ldap doc and test password 8 months ago
meskio 7926084e8c
Empty groups instead of deleting them 1 year ago
meskio 78abc2c76b
Check that the community name is valid 1 year ago
meskio d4c070c9f9
Fix index links and permitions for unloged users 1 year ago
meskio 86eb48e096
Show the community description on the list 1 year ago
meskio fd12aca4c9
Add communities 1 year ago
meskio 493fbbdd70
Add community counter into the DB 1 year ago
meskio f7cb59d4bd
Use docker image for ldap 1 year ago
meskio 16816ee445
Fix tests 1 year ago
meskio 51079f9416
Add a flag to avoid locking users for development 1 year ago
meskio 93fd22417b
Don't login deleted users 1 year ago
meskio 50a520dda3
Don't block deleted accounts 1 year ago
meskio 003fbaacd8
Delete accounts that hasn't being logged in for a year 1 year ago
meskio 3d0b1f7920
Use utf-8 for wellcome emails 1 year ago
bunyi 4349ba162e
Añade deps necesarias 2 years ago
kali kaneko (leap communications) 00c2af3d86 seamos mas explicitos sobre la pass 2 years ago
kali kaneko (leap communications) 986be29706
go mod tidy 2 years ago
kali e82f8d0814
we do not fucking care about trailing slash 2 years ago
pebles 68321d51f4
Update urls for sd. 2 years ago
pebles 5fd428958a
Remove end lines. 2 years ago
pebles 1a57d2b146
New fields and adjustments on gitea functionality 2 years ago
pebles 7b1fcca3e4
Reorder vars on webhook, add ssh url clone 2 years ago
pebles b50cafed7f
Add multiweb functionality and improve error management. 2 years ago
meskio 9ebcb4cb5b
New users will not get disabled anymore 2 years ago
meskio 2038c1d91b
Split compilation into js and go 2 years ago
meskio b53e169575
Update gitea API 2 years ago
meskio f9bc038390
Warn that the username has to be lowercase 2 years ago
meskio 35bbe26cf6
Update dependencies 2 years ago
siroco 8ee29380f2 Update 'Makefile' 2 years ago
meskio 8a94b22401
Validate passwords 2 years ago
meskio c40b87eb64
Accept '.' in usernames 2 years ago
meskio f13920b957
Add invalid user name warning 2 years ago
meskio 91fd529c62
Add spanish version of some names 3 years ago
meskio 966f0a001d
More restrictions 3 years ago
meskio 824af9d8d6
Reserve web related names 3 years ago
meskio 5dff87b847
Don't display groups if you are not logged in 3 years ago
meskio 9c67c60c5a
A bit more restrictive for allowed names 3 years ago
meskio 942f1f8757
Update ldap dependency path 3 years ago