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import config
squatNameExceptions = config.NAME_EXCEPTIONS
zones = config.REGIONAL_ZONES
class Squat(object):
def __init__(self, name=None): = name
self.rows = []
def addRow(self, row):
def isSquatName(cls, name):
# TODO: the names that starts with caps and then minus (like L’ACABose) are not detected as squat name.
# Maybe is possible to think a rule like if the first two letters are capital?
if str.isupper(name) or squatNameExceptions in name:
return name
return False
class RegionalZone (object):
def __init__(self, name=None): = name
self.rows = []
self.squatList = []
def addRow(self, row):
Add a row object [] into the sets of self.rows[]
:param row:
# TODO: DRY this function is basically the same as parser.parseCSV
def generateSquats(self):
squat = None
for row in self.rows:
squatName = Squat.isSquatName(row[0])
if squatName:
squat = Squat(squatName)
if squat is not None:
# TODO: Try to do this without making loop
# Check if a row contains a zone name defined on config file
def checkIfIsZone(cls, row):
for zone in zones:
if zone in row:
return zone
return False