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import tabula
import config
import csv
from models import RegionalZone
appName = config.APP_BASE_NAME
usurpaPdf = config.USURPA_DOWNLOAD_PATH
csvOut = config.USURPA_CSV
zoneList = []
def parseCSV(input=csvOut):
print("# Parsig", input)
print ("* Parsing areas")
with open(input, 'r') as csvFile:
reader = csv.reader(csvFile)
regionalZone = None
for row in reader:
zoneName = RegionalZone.checkIfIsZone(row)
# If is zone append it to the list of zones
if zoneName:
regionalZone = RegionalZone(zoneName)
if regionalZone is not None and not zoneName:
print ("* Creating squat objects")
for zone in zoneList:
print("# Printing all")
x = 0
for zone in zoneList:
print("--",, "squats:", zone.squatList.__len__())
for squat in zone.squatList:
for row in squat.rows:
print("\t -- ",row.__len__(), row)
x += 1
print("Total squats found", x)
print("Total areas found: ", zoneList.__len__())
def convertPdfToCsv(input=usurpaPdf, output=csvOut):
print("# Converting", input, "to", output)
df = tabula.convert_into(input, output, pages='all', multiple_tables=True, output_format="csv", stream=True)
return output