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import sys, getopt, os, time
from datetime import datetime
import config
import urllib.request
appName = config.APP_BASE_NAME
usurpaURL = config.USURPA_URL
usurpaDownloadPath = config.USURPA_DOWNLOAD_PATH
def isUsurpadownloaded():
return os.path.isfile(usurpaDownloadPath)
def getConnection(url = usurpaURL):
return urllib.request.urlopen(url, timeout=30)
# Get last modified attribure of remote url
def getRemoteLastModified(conn):
return datetime.strptime(conn.headers['last-modified'], '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT')
# Get last modified of local file
def getLocalLastModified(file):
if not os.path.isfile(file):
return False
stat = os.stat(file)
return datetime.fromtimestamp(stat.st_birthtime)
except AttributeError:
# We're probably on Linux. No easy way to get creation dates here,
# so we'll settle for when its content was last modified.
return datetime.fromtimestamp(stat.st_mtime)
def downloadUsurpa(url=usurpaURL, downloadPath = usurpaDownloadPath):
print ("- Start download of ", usurpaURL )
# Download the file
urllib.request.urlretrieve(url, downloadPath)
# Set modification date
t = time.mktime(getRemoteLastModified(getConnection()).timetuple())
os.utime(usurpaDownloadPath, (t, t))
def isUsurpaUpdated(remote, local):
if remote == local:
return True
return False
def updateUsurpa(output=usurpaDownloadPath):
print("# ", appName,"check for updates ", )
if not isUsurpadownloaded:
print("- No ", appName," file found, proceed to download on\n", output)
downloadUsurpa(usurpaURL, downloadPath=output)
elif not isUsurpaUpdated(getRemoteLastModified(getConnection()), getLocalLastModified(output)):
print("- ", appName," is not updated, proceed to update: \n", output)
downloadUsurpa(usurpaURL, downloadPath=output)
print(appName, "updated succesfully")
print(appName, "was already updated")
raise Exception("Error: Failed to update usurpa")